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About me

Hey there, l’m Josh and l am the designer of the 3D printed heater block holder. l am an Aeronautical Engineer here in Australia and l have great passion for the 3D printing industry. I’ve been 3D printing and designing for the last 5 years and find myself playing around in AutoCAD Inventor in my free time.

l found when l was trying to change my nozzle on my Prusa MK3, holding the heater block was a little awkward. Also, using the methods describe by Prusa, l found l was damaging the heater block and didn’t like changing the nozzle that much. So part of my 4th year Engineering degree, l used my work experience time and the tools that l have learnt to develop a tool that would simplify this problem. This is when the tool was born. After several iterations, the final design came to life.

After sharing this design with the 3D printing community, l found that l was not the only one suffering from these nozzle changing issues. After several months of campaigning for this tool, l am now proudly offering this tool to anyone around the world to buy!

I plan on expanding my ideas and sharing them with the 3D printing community.