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The original ultimate 3D printing tool, allowing you to hold the heater block firmly while you change your nozzle. This awesome design allows you to come from the side to hold the heater block in place while giving you view of the nozzle and keeping your hands clear.


What you get in this kit

  • 2x M4 countersunk screws
  • 2x Steel prongs V2



  • This is a kit and you will require to print several components to complete the tool.
  • All STL files for this tool design can be found and downloaded from the STL file tab.
  • Steel prongs V1 and V2: The steel prongs V1 was the original design which was 2.9mm thick, this version is no longer sold. Steel prongs V2 is the latest design which is 2.5mm thick. Please ensure when printing the files that you use the one marked with either V1 or V2, depending on which one you have.



  • Please see the shipping information for further information on shipping times, cost and insurance.

Original Nozzle tool Kit


Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for preparation of your order.